Letters to the Editor

J. Adam Abram: McCrory should stick to state issues

Regarding the Dec. 8 news article “Trump: Bar all Muslims from entering the U.S.”: Donald Trump raised the ante on public expressions of racism with a call to ban Muslim travel into the United States, even by permanent U.S. residents currently traveling abroad.

Our own governor, Pat McCrory, helped set the table for this kind of demagoguery by repudiating America’s proud tradition of being a refuge for refugees fleeing oppression.

We know that every religion has its fanatics. It is up to leaders everywhere to reject hatred and fanaticism and to protect our basic values. McCrory and Trump failed this basic test of democratic leadership.

As a North Carolinian, I wish McCrory would spend his political capital time keeping our best teachers and teachers’ aides from leaving our state instead of using his position to communicate that North Carolina is a hostile environment for beleaguered and oppressed refugees.

J. Adam Abram

Chapel Hill