Letters to the Editor

Todd Anderson: Trump’s folly

Regarding the Dec. 8 news article “Trump: Bar all Muslims from entering the U.S.”: “The Donald” suggests that we only allow “non-Muslims” to enter our country as immigrants and that we put all Muslims currently residing here into internment camps.

Since one’s religious beliefs are not as easily discerned as are their racial or nationality characteristics, what makes him believe that “the bad Muslims” won’t lie and say they are “Christians” to gain entry or avoid internment? What, they are “killers” but not “liars”? And the “good Muslims” who aren’t “liars” will wind up in the camps, being fed, clothed and provided for by the U.S. government?

Like many of Trump’s ideas, these are both absurd and overly simplistic, and yet people like them because they sound “like a plan”! And they are “a plan”! A second-grader’s plan, not unlike everyone turning on all their air conditioners and opening their windows to end a heat wave in Arizona would be!

Come on, America, we can do better than this guy. Somewhere, that better candidate exists.

Todd Anderson

New Bern