Letters to the Editor

Apan Basu: Value job sustainers

Who we are? We are United States citizens first and businessmen second. As a U.S. citizen, each of us has an obligation toward our fellow citizens.

As a businessman I would like to earn as much money as possible. On the other hand, we cannot compromise our obligation to our fellow citizens.

I am a small-business owner. I provide engineering design services. I can have my work done in a foreign country for $15 an hour. However, I pay $55 per hour for the same work in this country.

Yes, I could make more money by sending the work overseas, and that country could be the country I left. But by sending the work to that country, I would take that work from my fellow citizens.

This is where we need more patriotism. We need to remember: We can have a decent life and still help our fellow citizens. One does not need millions of dollars to have a decent life.

Before we ship our work to a foreign country, think of what will happen to our fellow citizens. We value job creators in America. I say let’s start valuing job sustainers.

Apan Basu