Letters to the Editor

Ellen Reckhow: Durham all aboard transit plan

Regarding the Dec. 8 news article “Transit plan addresses both urban and rural”: I was pleased to see that the Wake Transit Plan includes commuter rail from Garner to Durham.

While the article mentioned that “Durham shelved commuter trains a few years ago,” a more accurate description is that we put the project on hold since we did not have Wake County as a partner four years ago.

The Durham County Bus and Rail Investment Plan adopted in 2011 called for the development of a 37-mile commuter-rail alignment connecting the major cities and Research Triangle Park that appears to mirror what the Wake plan is proposing.

Commuter rail is also a part of the 2040 Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Transportation Plan and is the designated Locally Preferred Alternative for transit between Durham and Garner.

These plans have not been amended, and the leadership in Durham knows that it is critical to stitch the region together with regional transit.

Ellen Reckhow

Commissioner, Durham County