Letters to the Editor

Kevin Green: McCrory’s nonpolitics

In Rob Christensen’s Dec. 5 column “The many faces of McCrory,” he claimed that, “You are never sure which McCrory will show up.” No wonder Christensen is confused.

He is defining Gov. Pat McCrory through a political prism, but in reality our governor is taking positions to defend North Carolina at all costs.

Christensen’s characterization is misguided because McCrory does not play politics. His policy decisions are based on common-sense solutions and standing up for North Carolinians.

▪ The governor’s call for the president to stop sending Syrian refugees to North Carolina. The governor sees this as a critical matter of public safety. His top priority is to protect North Carolina residents.

▪ The governor’s decision to join an amicus brief on transgender bathrooms in schools. McCrory sees this as defending North Carolina schools from federal intrusion into student privacy and well-being.

▪ The governor’s support for legislation that would end sanctuary cities as politics. The governor is standing up for the rule of law by outlawing local ordinances that tie the hands of police officers, preventing them from enforcing the laws they have sworn to uphold.

There is no doubt that North Carolina families and our children are safer under McCrory’s dynamic leadership.

Kevin Green