Letters to the Editor

Carol Siebert: Lawmakers’ hypocrisy

Regarding the Dec. 8 Under the Dome article “Lawmakers want brewery close answers”: So state Senate leader Phil Berger and other legislators have asked that the U.S. Senate Anti-Trust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights Subcommittee look into the closure of a brewery in Berger’s hometown of Eden.

They note that these “giant beer conglomerates are looking out for their own interests” and not the interests of the “hardworking people of Rockingham County.” They want “reasonable steps taken to protect these jobs.” What irony!

For several years, the North Carolina legislature has done everything possible to advance private corporate interests at every turn, regardless of the impact on jobs, health, education or the environment. They have shown no respect for state employees. They have cut, refused or eliminated programs that serve our neediest residents in order to give tax cuts to corporations.

If our legislators truly believe what they wrote in their letter, they need to re-examine their own agenda. The “hardworking people” of North Carolina deserve no less.

Carol Siebert

Chapel Hill