Letters to the Editor

George W. Bang: Outside perspective on freedom

My customers are 80 percent African, mostly black immigrants. It is interesting to hear their reaction to the recent outbreak of protests on campuses and on the streets of our cities against microaggressions, indignities, historical wrongs.

The predominant reaction is utter bewilderment. What seems to be a land of oppression, cruelty, injustice to these young protesters seems to my African friends to be the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to get ahead, start a business, secure their kids’ education and to escape the very real oppression that prevails in their native countries.

The very idea of a “safe place” causes them to shake their heads. What is the USA but the ultimate “safe place”?

I have heard stories of discrimination, exclusion violence and murder from my customers that chill the blood. However, this very real violence is not the result of an oppressive white power structure, but of having the misfortune to be born into the wrong family, tribe or region. And the oppressors are not elite whites, but elite blacks.

Wake up, over-privileged, hot-house flowers. The world is a harsh place. Suck it up.

George W. Bang