Letters to the Editor

John Deaton: Qubein worth his salary

Upon reading your Dec. 9 news article “High Point University president among highest paid in U.S.,” I immediately remembered the great motivational seminars attended during my career.

What the High Point University Board of Directors understands and others do not is that President Nido Qubein is worth every penny of his $2.9 million salary.

While working for a major bearing supplier in South Carolina many years ago, we attended motivational training seminars at corporate headquarters. The speaker was Qubein. He was and is the best motivational speaker anyone could ever listen to. After attending Qubein’s seminars, we were inspired to help our fellow man, company and colleagues.

At his training sessions, he was not Qubein, as we all just knew him as Nido. Due to my early exposure to Qubein’s motivational seminars, I have followed his presidency at High Point University and am not surprised at the growth under his leadership.

The High Point University Board of Directors understands what a gem they have in Qubein.

John Deaton

Rocky Mount