Letters to the Editor

Martha Brock: NAMI needs updating

Regarding the Dec. 8 Point of View “Community housing for the mentally ill still scarce” by Gerry Akland: While I agree with most of the POV, it is time for folks at The News & Observer to learn that just because NAMI and its big pharma allies say something does not make it the absolute truth.

Akland appeared to be rehashing old ideas of E. Fuller Torrey and his Treatment Advocacy Center, which try to diminish in any way possible the potential for coping and/or recovery from psychiatric disability. North Carolina mental health policy has moved past these outmoded ideas and is focusing on such proven methods of help to persons in the community as peer support and other nonmedical interventions.

NAMI NC needs to catch up with potentially beneficial help for persons with disabilities without characterizing them as unable to cope or deal with life in the community.

Martha Brock