Letters to the Editor

Grady Jefferys: Journalism out of spotlight?

Jim Jenkins’ Dec. 10 column “A spotlight on the value of the press” correctly pointed to the importance of investigative reporting by the Boston Globe as depicted in the movie “Spotlight.”

Although “Spotlight” deserves honors due to its treatment of the newspaper’s investigation of child molestation by Catholic priests, my wife and I were troubled by our movie-viewing experience.

As a former writer and editor for newspapers, I was acutely interested in the movie, and my wife, Marie, treated me to the film as an anniversary gift. We arrived for the 9:30 showing at the Rialto expecting to join other moviegoers as interested as we. Alas, we were the only ones present. The Rialto management graciously told us to enjoy the movie.

As we watched we wondered: Did the lack of patrons reflect no interest in the investigative role of newspapers or no interest in films about serious subjects? Or both? God help us if it does.

After an initial stumble, the Boston Globe, its editors and reporters exposed a wrong that, absence their diligence, might still be raging today. Many newspapers, including The Old Reliable, perform similar public services, proving as Jenkins noted, that journalism is indeed a calling and not a craft.

Grady Jefferys