Letters to the Editor

Ray Mayo: McCrory’s successes

Regarding Rob Christensen’s Dec. 5 column “The many faces of McCrory”: We are better off under Gov. Pat McCrory’s dynamic leadership.

In January 2013 when McCrory took office, our state’s unemployment rate was 9.4 percent, we owed the federal government $2.5 billion in unemployment insurance debt and our top personal income tax rate was 7.75 percent. Now our state’s unemployment rate is 5.7 percent, we paid off our unemployment to the federal government four years early and now have a reserve of $1 billion in the unemployment trust fund and our personal tax rate is 5.499 percent.

That’s not all. Under McCrory’s leadership, North Carolina’s economy is rebounding and growing stronger. Since McCrory took office in 2013, we have witnessed the net creation of nearly 240,000 jobs. Employment and personal income growth are among the strongest in the nation.

The governor achieved historic tax reform, which has meaningfully improved our business climate, leaving more dollars in the paychecks of hardworking North Carolinians. These reforms are projected to save North Carolina families $4.4 billion over the first five years.

North Carolina ranked No. 2 on the Forbes “Best States for Business & Careers” in 2015.

Christensen may be confused on McCrory’s record, but North Carolinians are not.

Ray Mayo

Commissioner, Wayne County