Letters to the Editor

Mark G. Rodin: Naive protesters

Regarding the Nov. 20 news article “Protest disrupts meeting at UNC”: Those protesters who interrupted a forum on race relations at UNC-Chapel Hill have done a great disservice to their cause and goals by giving convincing evidence to the UNC Board of Governors and General Assembly leaders Margaret Spellings is the right choice to succeed Tom Ross.

Fire Spellings, free tuition, eliminate the Scholastic Aptitude Test? Apparently the protesters need a lesson in the politics of the old Confederacy since Congress approved the Voting Rights Act in 1964. Perhaps they were never told how the late Jesse Helms was elected to the U.S. Senate and perhaps they haven’t yet figured out why there is so much animosity toward President Barack Obama.

Insensitivity toward concerns of African-Americans and minorities such as exhibited by the former University of Missouri system president and chancellor at the Columbia campus is not acceptable, but neither is the brash and brazen way the “demands” of students in Chapel Hill were presented.

I agree with the majority of the Board of Governors, which would probably say, “If you don’t like the way things work, you are free to leave campus, find employment and learn what it is like to earn money for food and clothing.”

Mark G. Rodin