Letters to the Editor

Steven Wade: Lawmakers kowtow to gun lobby

After the Republican U.S. Senate voted down a Democratic Senate proposal to ban gun sales to anyone, foreign or domestic, whose name appears on the terrorist watch-list, I applauded state Attorney General Roy Cooper’s recommendation to Gov. Pat McCrory and the N.C. General Assembly to ban gun sales within North Carolina’s borders to anyone named on that same terrorist watch-list.

I now see that Cooper is taking “fire” for his stance on this important issue (Dec. 9, Under the Dome article). For Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry to say that Cooper’s recommendation “could actually compromise terrorist investigations within the state” is fictitious cover for a politically correct bad policy. Whatever happened to common sense and lawmakers’ responsibility for the public’s safety?

Anyone who fails to work toward, get behind or vote for such a ban, or criticizes anyone who does, is giving aid and comfort and loading and handing weapons to both foreign and domestic terrorist, as well as politicizing what is a real collective threat, as the recent California shooting illustrates, and places their amoral politics above the safety of North Carolinians and the American people.

Steven Wade

Chapel Hill