Letters to the Editor

Adams Wofford: Common cause

Regarding the Dec. 13 Point of View “Headed toward confiscation”: Conservative law professor Gregory Wallace stated that liberals should specify which gun laws should be considered to deal with our national plague of shootings.

Bullets are equal-opportunity killers that strike people of all ages, political persuasions, nationalities and religions. There is no one not at risk. We need background checks even of private gun sales and limits on the size of magazines and the sale of military-style weapons to civilians. These laws must be federal in order to get rid of a patchwork system that enables people in restrictive states to buy guns in states with fewer rules. If these measures don’t make a dent, it is time to try something else.

It is startling to find a conservative willing to argue for the rights of persons on the no-fly or terrorist watch list to be able to purchase weapons.

I would urge politicians to stop using the Second Amendment as a blindfold. If they cannot stand up for the safety of ordinary people, their usefulness is finished. It is time to vote them out and try with another batch. Any person of family values and right-to-life sentiments could find common cause with this.

Adams Wofford