Letters to the Editor

Larry Reed: Mind-blowing ‘logic’

Charles Krauthammer’s Dec. 18 column “Obama’s legacy of fiction” was a marvel of convoluted, disingenuous logic. He argued that the Paris international agreement is only “promises,” at the same time he said he is a “climate-change agnostic.”

His conservative Republican ideologues are more than that; they’re modern science atheists and climate-change deniers. His science-denying Republicans in the Senate would stop any more meaningful agreement.

Then he criticized the Obama administration for advancing the protection of our future generations in the only way it could, given the conservative resistance to any other meaningful carbon-reduction programs. Such sophistry is mind-blowing.

Then he pirouetted in a logic-defying comparison to the Iran nuclear deal. Offering no alternative, he rails at the president for the Republican-controlled Senate not being able to vote for this agreement. The do-nothing Republicans have no meaningful alternative.

As usual, Krauthammer and his ilk hide in their ideology fallacies and fail to propose any workable alternative. Even Reagan made nuclear deals with the USSR, and no logical person would ascribe greater reason to trust the Soviets.

Then Krauthammer lept to Guantanamo. His ideological blind spot is to continue to keep those detainees in Gitmo forever, without any plan, any defense, any thought to the future, and blind to what my America stands for – we are a nation of laws.

Larry Reed