Letters to the Editor

Elizabeth Chase: DEQ needs to get with program

In response to the Dec. 18 news article “Agency hears criticism of plan for emissions”: The Department of Environmental Quality’s response to the Clean Power Plan does a disservice to the residents of North Carolina.

Climate change is a serious threat, and Americans will have to confront it eventually. The question is whether we prefer to prevent it now or suffer the consequences later in the form of unpredictable weather, natural disaster, famine and general instability. By snubbing the EPA’s guidelines, North Carolina sets itself on the latter path.

If we start to reduce emissions now, the transition will be easier. If we put it off, we may have to make a rougher adjustment later.

North Carolina so far has done an admirable job of leading the American sustainability campaign through our commitment to nuclear and solar energy and our use of Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards.

Renewable and nuclear energy provides major potential for job growth and innovation. Why would we change that? Do we really want history to remember North Carolina as an obstacle?

Elizabeth Chase

Chapel Hill