Letters to the Editor

Gertrude Kappel: Fiber foolishness

Your Dec. 16 news article “Google, AT&T fiber installation complaints pile up in Triangle” on the disruptions that AT&T and Google are causing with the installation of fiber cables does not mention who pays for restoring water, electricity, other cable, streetlights.

The door hanger that AT&T left mentioned the possibility of a disruption and advised contacting the provider – not AT&T! It is left to homeowners to contact the utility and arrange for repairs.

I think if AT&T or Google caused the problem, they should fix it or arrange for it to be fixed and pay for the repair. It is hard to believe that the officials who agreed to these installations did not insist that the companies dig up the landscape only once.

AT&T has dug in front of my house twice (so far), and I expect that one day, soon after the damage has healed, Google will create another mess.

Gertrude Kappel