Letters to the Editor

Bernie Stewart: More drum beating

The most recent GOP debate echoed the sentiments of the previous two: fear-mongering and the pounding of war drums. We have seen in the past what pre-emptive war can do. G.W. Bush and administration played off the gullibility and naivete of the American people to launch an invasion of Iraq. Instead of the U.S. being hailed as the great liberator, thousands of precious lives were lost, thousands of casualties resulted and $3 trillion taxpayer dollars were spent, and for what? Basically to turn Iraq into a terrorist training ground.

Now America is viewed by many regions of the Middle East as the great malefactor. Wisdom, restraint and respect for international law are what I did not hear from any of the candidates.

Long, long ago, America prided itself on the use of war as the last resort, expending all nonviolent options. This veteran prays for its return.

Bernie Stewart