Letters to the Editor

Michael Doran: Not bowing to terrorists

My wife and I have been to Paris dozens of times. It is a welcoming city with friendly, helpful people. It has become our favorite place in Europe to visit. The recent attack on innocent people by Islamic animals should be seen as an assault on all civilized people.

The goal of terrorists is to intimidate people into giving up things they enjoy and cower in fear.

We have been planning a trip to Paris in March and have made reservations and bought plane tickets. We do not intend to change our plans. We refuse to let the terrorists win. I am no hero, but I certainly refuse to be a coward.

As the saying goes, “You might be able to determine when I will die, but I refuse to let you determine how I live.”

We should take whatever measures are necessary to wipe out ISIS. It certainly is not “contained!”

Michael Doran