Letters to the Editor

Karen Rindge: Nix the SolarBees

SolarBee water circulators aren’t working to clean up Jordan Lake, according to the recent state analysis (“Devices haven't cleaned up lake,” Nov. 25 news article). It’s time to stop this costly experiment that the state legislature saw as an easy out to actually implementing the Jordan Lake cleanup plan.

The circulators don’t address the core problem of water pollution, which is an overabundance of nitrogen and phosphorus that cause toxic algae both in our drinking water reservoir and in the rivers that flow downstream.

The solution is preventing the pollution run-off in the first place through better development practices and natural stream buffers that reduce pollution and by improved wastewater treatment.

As long as the Jordan Lake Rules continue to be delayed by the legislature and state, these things won’t happen. As North Carolina grows, we’ll only have greater challenges to our water. And residents and cities pay the price.

Karen Rindge

Executive director, WakeUP Wake County