Letters to the Editor

J.T. Lovelace: An irrelevant diversity

Regarding the Dec. 15 column “Adding to campus turmoil”: The axiom that racial variety is an inherent boon to the academy is subtly racist in its implications.

Pigmentary provisions in university admissions policies derive from the prejudice that ethnicity differentiates one student from another in a fundamental and important way, that race carries with it distinguishing attitudes or modes of behavior that transcend the common ground of intellectual preeminence and promise that all university students presumably share.

Implicit in the desire to gerrymander the racial makeup of student bodies is a lack of belief that serendipitous diversity will eventually obtain when students are admitted on academic merit alone.

The kind of diversity that universities need in order to remain vital is a diversity of intelligent ideas and opinions, not the superficial and irrelevant diversity of skin color.

J.T. Lovelace