Letters to the Editor

Murray Merner: Trump’s message

Regarding coverage of the GOP debate: While I am not a fan of Donald Trump and never have been, his message has been, “Let’s do something.” He may not be politically correct, and his verbalizations are close to bar room talk, but he projects the frustration many in the country have with the inaction of our government.

His Republican opponents, from the establishment, don’t get it. They would rather argue about Trump’s delivery method than what he is talking about. Our government has not solved the (illegal) immigration situation, can’t provide a guarantee of security if thousands of Syrians are allowed into our country, can’t get out of an unwinnable war in the Middle East, can’t reduce a bloated government, can’t deal with the rich getting richer and the middle class evaporating, hasn’t brought back jobs to the United States (our college graduates have no place to go but back home), hasn’t dealt with the deficit and debt, Medicare and Social Security.

The list is longer, but the point is that the Republican candidates would be better served to concentrate on the real problems than the thorn in their side.

Murray Merner