Letters to the Editor

Thomas Nicholas: Students in college to learn, not demand

Regarding the Dec. 6 A.C. Snow column “Thinking over those student ‘demands’ ”: As a fellow alum (class of 1961) it is so heartening to be able to read that someone agrees with me that the opinions of current students are dwarfed by the opinions of the other tens of thousands of UNC alums.

The UNC administration should be listening to not only these 18- to 21-year-olds but also those of us who preceded them at our university.

The current students are there to learn, not demand from the administration.

I really liked Snow’s question “Who owns the university?” Yes, we, the taxpayers of North Carolina are the real owners and we, the alums, certainly should have just as much input to the administration as those youngsters currently enrolled at our university.

The idea of generic bathroom facilities is outrageous and should never be a part of our university or our society. The editorial page of your newspaper is most likely in complete opposition to my more conservative views. But it is nice to be able to read comments in The N&O from time to time that parallel my views.

Thomas Nicholas