Letters to the Editor

Mark Boone: Pie controversy

Andrea Weigl’s Dec. 9 column “The great holiday pie debate” on pumpkin chiffon pie hit a nerve with my family.

My mother-in-law cut a recipe for this pie out of the Eureka, California, newspaper in 1958 and began making it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When we married in 1981, my wife and I had a great debate over whether we would make my family’s tradition of thin pumpkin pies with no seasoning or pumpkin chiffon pie. I made mine, and she made hers. Our children come home for the holidays because pumpkin chiffon won out.

In 1995 my mother-in-law contributed her copy of the recipe to a community charity cookbook. When the cookbook was published, a lady she did not know called and accused her of breaking into her home and stealing her most prized secret family recipe. All this was before WikiLeaks.

And now thousands of people probably cut out the recipe from the paper, and who knows how many marriages will be sustained or what intrigue may ensue.

Mark Boone