Letters to the Editor

Lynn C. Odom: Learning to compost

How much trash was produced at the recent NCSU-UNC football game? As a community, we need to step it up. An agricultural, technical school should graduate students who want to do better!

I worked as a compost volunteer for the NCSU-UNC game. Trash, recycling and compost bins were available around the stadium. With five people monitoring the compost bins, we collected over 70 bags of trash to divert to composting.

People are familiar with recycling bottles and cans. Composting is somewhat new for many people. Through industrial composting, napkins, paper bags, popcorn boxes, funnel cake plates, pizza boxes and the food that came in them can be composted.

The bins had signs indicating what could be composted. I spent most of my time going through the trash cans, pulling out bottles and things that could be composted. People just threw everything into the trash cans. We have to do better.

I want to thank the NCSU Waste Reduction and Recycling Department for all it does to educate students and to reduce the waste at NCSU and its events.

Lynn C. Odom