Letters to the Editor

J.H. Richardson: No bonuses for part-timers

By now, the much “heralded” $750 state employee/teacher bonus has arrived to those who qualified. Shockingly, I did not.

Since the Wake County Public School System classifies me as a “less than 50 percent temporary part-time” certified professional teacher and employee, I received nothing. Not a prorated amount. Not a dime. Not a penny. But it’s not about the money.

It’s about the principle and respect (or lack of) for those who are the backbone of this great state. But as I have done for 37 years in the WCPSS, I will continue to be professional and give 110 percent to my school, my administration, the parents and, most important, each student I encounter each day. Why? Because I am a teacher, and I consider that the greatest honor and privilege in the state of North Carolina. What a shame that others do not see it that way.

I guess Charles Dickens was right. Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well and resides in Raleigh.

J.H. Richardson