Letters to the Editor

Bill Nichols: Exit strategy

Recently, in a business lobby, a lady took the seat next to me. She was attractively attired, and I commented on her professional look. She seemed at ease and thanked me, saying that she was wearing one of her “interview outfits.”

Our discussion revealed that she was interviewing in the private sector because she can no longer support her family on a WCPSS teacher’s pay. She spoke with pride of loving her teaching work and her student but said she must make this move out of financial necessity. She placed no blame on her situation and spoke only of her need to make a change for the well-being of her family and their collective futures.

I wished her well as I exited the waiting area with the thought that some fortunate employer is about to benefit from this lady’s focused powerhouse of dedication to her work. I also wished for something else: that every member of the N.C. General Assembly could have been at my side to see, hear and feel the implicit impact of recent years’ legislative actions and how those actions have come to bear on one of our most breathtakingly underappreciated resources – teachers.

Bill Nichols