Letters to the Editor

Irv Shiffer: Core failed at presentation

Regarding the Nov. 29 news article “Common Core ignites math war”: The debate about keeping, or abandoning, Common Core mathematics seems to come down to whether careers in math-related fields should be open only to students sufficiently self-motivated to learn the fundamental concepts underlying numerical procedures or whether schools should encourage such understanding in order to develop a much larger pool of candidates for math-related career opportunities.

It is already clear that math competency is a required skill for current, and future, high-tech careers. By being ready for high-tech employment, more students will be able to experience the satisfaction of working in one of the many areas of math application.

The difference in perspective of the two high school students exposed to Common Core math suggests that improvements are needed in the method of presentation, but abandoning the program will shortchange students who could otherwise benefit from the academic discipline being offered.

Irv Shiffer