Letters to the Editor

Jack Michaels: No McCrory reminders needed

Regarding the Dec. 11 news article “McCrory: Properties will redevelop:” It’s a cruel irony that Gov. Pat McCrory is so concerned about state government buildings that he considers ugly when he has shown a consistent lack of concern for those who work in them and the functions they perform.

I suppose McCrory desires some sort of brick and mortar legacy, as opposed to one that’s about decent governance and making our residents’ lives better.

This Pollyanna-ish idea of transforming our government complex into some sort of mixed-use area is misguided. Would anybody think that Constitution Avenue in Washington should be redone in such a fashion? Or that the federal departments and employees should be kicked out of the buildings lining it, so they can be leased for big bucks?

Doesn’t our governor see that our state government complex is now surrounded by a large amount of new development within a few blocks?

His Project Phoenix would rise from the ashes created by an administration that has burned North Carolina’s reputation of the most progressive state in the South to the ground. The residents of Raleigh and our thousands of state employees here do not need a permanent reminder of McCrory’s time as governor.

Jack Michaels