Letters to the Editor

Ruth Baldwin: Help, don’t judge animal shelters

Regarding the Jan. 29 news article “Owners charged after 600 animals confiscated”: Reports of animal abuse at the The Haven-Friends for Life are misleading.

Caring for 600 homeless animals requires many people and is not without smells, illness, deaths and other unpleasantness. I have seen the reported “filthy” cages. I did not blow a whistle on the Haven or snap a picture for Facebook. I cleaned the cages. Within minutes, a cage of pups will mess, including some elimination in the “cleaned” bowls. Guess what happens when you multiply this mess by 100.

I have seen many animals on the news. I know their histories, and it did not include neglect by the Haven. Linden Spear was too kind to put an animal down if it was not suffering.

I have also spent time at the Cumberland County Animal Control, and animals delivered to that doorstep are no prettier. Shelters not overwhelmed and bursting at the seams are turning away animals or killing them. Judgmental people are not seeing how the dogs loved Spear.

Dogs are better than people when it comes to judging character and good intentions. Please volunteer, donate, care for and adopt pets and spay/neuter. Closing the Haven and arresting the Spears is not saving animals.

Ruth Baldwin