Letters to the Editor

Richard Lazar: Don’t lose CSX opportunity

State Rep. Leo Daughtry (“CCX would benefit N.C.,” Jan. 31 letter) has it right about the CSX project.

Eleven years ago, I heard a presentation by Fluor for economic developers in Cumberland County. It said that we need East-West transportation alternatives to attract companies. As someone hell-bent on helping the United States be more competitive with China, I thought then it was vital to do exactly what CSX proposed.

It’s more important now, and people are stepping up to make it feasible and cost-effective. Why?

▪ A great amount of international capability for inexpensive cargo movement overseas exists by getting to the port of Wilmington.

▪ Today the U.S.’s major competitors for building new products include India, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and more coming online everyday.

▪ The possibility of jobs and community development along the CSX route is far greater than estimated.

Landowners are important to us in North Carolina, and invariably they clash with right-of-way for railroads and oppose eminent domain. No one loves eminent domain.

I hope and pray that wise heads will help CSX and landowners come to a win-win on prices for their land. There’s just too much to gain for everyone to allow CSX to get out of town.

Richard Lazar