Letters to the Editor

Alan Tharp: NCDOT simply encouraging jerks

The NCDOT has been known to make questionable decisions. However, the decision to encourage drivers to disobey “merge lane” signs and zip to the front of the law-abiding drivers who have merged and then cut in front of them makes no sense (“NCDOT separates early, late mergers,” Jan. 19 Road Worrier column).

This “zipper” effect, as the DOT calls it, is not explained with any type of logic. If everyone obeyed the merge signs, then there would not be the problem with drivers having to break when someone (usually referred to as a jerk) decides he or she is too privileged to have to wait like the law-abiding citizens and cuts in front of the line.

There is enough bad behavior on the roads without the DOT encouraging it. This DOT proposal needs to squelched.

Alan Tharp