Letters to the Editor

Bob Kuhlow: No justice in Petraeus case

Having just read the Feb. 1 Focus article “Details of Petraeus case come to light,” I wanted to vomit.

I am a retired colonel in the Marine Corps. If a lance corporal or sergeant in the corps or other service had the same top secret clearance (which some do) and did what Petraeus did (or for that matter, Hillary Clinton did), they would be hammered and justifiably so.

In India they have a caste system: red dot on forehead means top of the food chain and black dot means bottom. Here in our “exceptional country,” justice for all depends on whether we have that particular “invisible dot.”

I have served with many outstanding Marines and other military service members who understand the importance that comes with not compromising top secret information. When is our judicial system going to erase those “dots” and provide justice for all?

I am very sad to say in this election year that I will be voting for the lesser of two evils. I am sure that this “exceptional country” has someone out there who understands the responsibility that comes with the office. “Power corrupts – ultimate power ultimately corrupts.”

Bob Kuhlow