Letters to the Editor

Christine Young and Gary Joyner: Reward proactive planning

Regarding the Feb. 8 editorial “Six Forks simmer”: Growing pains are often a sign of a community’s success. Even before the revisioning of the North Hills area, the Six Forks corridor was a major thoroughfare bringing folks into the city.

As the city grows, those numbers are increasing. Community and elected leaders noticed and took action on this as early as June 2012, when discussions began about the corridor study. As midtown’s popularity grew, this was the chance to get ahead of the mobility curve. Throughout 2012 and 2013, public meetings were held and stakeholder comments taken.

A clear goal took shape: to create a multi-modal, highly functioning, safe and attractive corridor with increased pedestrian, transit, cycling and vehicular capacity.

The award-winning plan was unveiled in January 2015 to a packed house at a public forum. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

The plan addresses a variety of issues including the eight current road widths along the study corridor. According to transportation planning experts, the car counts alone require a six-lane corridor.

Corridor projects take years to complete. Let’s reward the proactive and inclusive process begun years ago, tweak the plan if necessary and move forward to provide a user-friendly Six Forks corridor.

Christine Young and Gary Joyner

Co-Chairs, Midtown Six Forks Study Steering Committee