Letters to the Editor

Margaret McCann: Light rail works in Phoenix

Returning home on an American Airlines flight recently, I was reading its American Way magazine. In an article about Phoenix (termed “a city on the rise”), the role of the single light rail line was touted as part of the city’s success.

The article said, “The Light Rail, which opened in 2009, carries about 40,000 riders a day. It only covers a small slice of Maricopa County – but its shiny modern cars are challenging the assumption that Southwestern residents are wedded to their motor vehicles. They also are spurring development along their routes and more closely connecting Phoenix and neighboring Tempe and Mesa. The Light Rail offers a new way to venture out. The Mill Avenue stop in Tempe quickly reveals this college town’s lively parade of bars, restaurants and shops. The end of the line is Mesa, where the Mesa Arts Center regularly hosts top theater performances and concerts. ... The expanding Light Rail system offers a vision of the future.”

Surely, the proposed light rail system between Durham and Chapel Hill could have a similarly positive role in the vision of the future for our area.

Margaret McCann

Chapel Hill