Letters to the Editor

Fred Howes: Barber evokes King

Regarding the Feb. 10 J. Peder Zane column “The world through Barber’s eyes”: I believe Rev. William Barber is our present-day Martin Luther King Jr.

Zane, although acknowledging that through Barber’s book he sees the world through Barber’s eyes, doesn’t share his vision. The South did not share King’s vision, either, and way too many legislators do not share Barber’s.

The message is essentially the same in that the government fails to serve all the people, so Barber and his followers have their rallies, speak to the truth, protest the inequality that exists among the many who are poor, the unemployed, those who have voting restrictions placed before them, those who are exploited.

Zane, as the speaker for the North Carolina legislators, of course does not share his vision. That is the whole point of it.

Fred Howes