Letters to the Editor

John Kelly: Dual divisiveness

J. Peder Zane, in his Feb. 10 column “The world through Barber’s eyes” on Rev. William Barber’s book “The Third Revolution,” stated that Barber has become one of North Carolina’s most famous and divisive residents

He does not state his being a divisive resident is a negative, but the context of his comments seem to communicate such. Well, I agree, that he is a divisive resident, but he is divisive in the positive sense, like Martin Luther King Jr. was divisive.

On the other hand, our current Republican legislature and governor are divisive in a negative sense. They seek to divide and conquer the residents of North Carolina by their tax policies, their gerrymandering of voting districts and their seeing people who disagree with them as sworn enemies not just of them, but of the well-being of the state and country.

John Kelly