Letters to the Editor

Charlotte T. Best: UNC more than ‘elites’

Regarding the Feb. 14 news article “Spellings outlines UNC system vision”: The most alarming aspect of UNC President-elect Margaret Spellings’ vision for the future of the university is her ignorance about the place she is set to guide or the legislature will guide and she will execute.

Whichever way, her call to turn UNC from a public university that now serves only the elites in our population to one that serves all residents is pure baloney.

UNC has always and deliberately served all the people of this state with low tuition costs, programs that reach out in public service and, most important, perhaps gifted us with graduates who not only hold down jobs but who also can think, discern and offer future guidance to address our needs.

Let us hope that in her time Spellings does not knit away by the foot of the guillotine to observe the heads of the “old elites” fall into the basket below. After all, it is a time-honored way to cement revolutionary gains.

Charlotte T. Best

Chapel Hill