Letters to the Editor

Phil Kirk: Let’s give Spellings a chance

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe students go to college to learn; faculty to teach, do research and provide public service; and residents serve on boards of trustees to set policy and govern the universities. Of course, they have the right to demonstrate and voice their opinions, but all need to remember their respective roles.

Much has been made of UNC system President Margaret Spellings being “political.” Four out of the five past presidents of the system have been political. The difference, Spellings is a Republican and the previous four – all strong, effective leaders – were Democrats.

Most of those who love the university want Spellings to succeed and will support her as she works with her team, the Board of Governors, Gov. Pat McCrory, the General Assembly and campus leaders to make a very good university into a great university.

Higher education is and needs to change, and if Spellings doesn’t bring positive change without regard to the liberal and labor union bias against her from people who have never met her, then there will be great disappointment.

If Spellings is good enough for former Gov. Jim Hunt and other North Carolinians who have actually worked with her, then she is good enough for me and for UNC.!

Phil Kirk

Chairman emeritus, State Board of Education