Letters to the Editor

Suzanne Donders: Article endangers officer’s family

I am disgusted by your willingness to print so much personal information about the officer involved in the recent shooting in the March 6 news article “Officer D.C. Twiddy’s beat one of drugs and traffic stops.”

While much of what you published is public record, giving his wife’s full name, name of the town in which they live, name of the church they attend and even the gym they use is disgusting and an invasion of their privacy.

As a daughter of a retired law enforcement officer, I am aware of the dangers of posting such private information. Especially in a case that is rife with disagreement, misinformation and high-levels of emotions, it feels like you are baiting the angry public to retaliate.

Have you thought about Twiddy’s family? Have you thought about the danger you have put them in? Perhaps he has children of his own that he wants to protect.

I understand that you probably have no idea what the family members of law enforcement officers go through.

Suzanne Donders