Letters to the Editor

Ken Branch: An election prayer

My friend-in-print, Gene Nichol, in his Feb. 28 Point of View “The sound of freedom calling,” poetically described his recent experiences at HKonJ. Stirred souls. Shuttered courage. Energized and ennobling movement. Higher ground. Organizing for justice. Fiercely integrative.

And he spoke to the power of our American youth – their fearlessness, enthusiasm, curiosity and skepticism. I, too, am confident in the young. I know them, work with them, witness their unfolding and am inspired by their sincerity. I just want them to vote. I want all of us to vote.

As Nichol asserted so lyrically, “The job’s not done.” My prayer is that come Election Day, the sound of freedom will ring so loudly that all who are eligible will be summoned to the polls, just as the muezzin in the minaret and the bells in the tower call the faithful to worship. My prayer, say “amen,” is that come Nov. 8, we will all sing the hymn of “old ways falling.

Ken Branch