Letters to the Editor

Kelli Hunnicutt: Burr’s complicity

After reading the March 3 Point of View “For rhetoric, blame Burr,” I am struggling to understand how a person of U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s caliber became senator from the great state of North Carolina.

As chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he has dishonored not only our state but our country by concealing critical information about torture from the public. To call him complicit in the cover-up of these illegal and dishonorable actions perpetrated by the CIA is not a leap.

It is a sad statement about our country that we have not dealt with the immorality of past acts of torture and now hear presidential candidates bandy about talk of waterboarding as if it were a joke.

Burr has not only done a disservice to the North Carolinians he was elected to serve, he has damaged our international standing by failing to lead our country in righting a wrong. It is bad enough that torture happened, but to conceal it keeps us from correcting grave mistakes in our too recent history.

Real leadership is not defined by how well you mislead the public. Sins of the past must be confronted if we are to live as an honorable nation.

Kelli Hunnicutt

Chapel Hill