Letters to the Editor

Dave Brumbaugh: Kasich best, but won’t win

Regarding Ned Barnett’s interview with Bill Cobey and Robert Orr in his March 6 column “A proposed cure for Trump mania: Kasich”: I have to agree with their conclusion that John Kasich is the positive and only answer to the country’s current dearth of executive leadership.

It’s been conclusively proven over the last eight years that a partial term in the U.S. Senate is insufficient preparation for the job of commander-in-chief. It’s probably also obvious that longer tenures in the Senate even if accompanied by a failed diplomatic career or a small city mayorship can’t prepare one for the top job. Which leaves us with the “gasbag.”

I think independents voting in the Republican primary will deliver the state to Trump. The “angry middle” that has attached itself to the reality TV star is not deeply affiliated with either party.

They feel like the victims of globalization rather than the victors. They passionately hate our supine foreign policy in the face of vicious malefactors.

This is all extremely unfortunate. The country clearly needs the qualified, clear-thinking, tested and reliable Kasich to regain its equilibrium, but the justifiable anger of the working, taxpaying majority may well deprive us of his desperately needed services.

Dave Brumbaugh