Letters to the Editor

Michael Rafferty: Blue-collar blues

In response to Rob Christensen’s fine March 6 column “It’s all about blues in economy”: While it’s true that all the things mentioned have contributed to wages for middle and low-middle workers being pushed to lower and lower levels, there was something else at work during the period from the mid-to-late 1970s onward.

Corporations (large and small) have used their power, whether collectively or not, to ensure that wages for most employees other than some white collar are kept to an absolute minimum. This is to guarantee a better bottom line for themselves and stockholders. This is a deliberate thing known for years by many executives.

Corporations love recessions! They can employ large-scale layoffs with no recriminations and bring back only those they desire, or as few employees as they wish, again protecting the bottom line.

Amazingly, while none of this is a secret, it is never mentioned in the media, who are, of course, corporate.

Michael Rafferty