Letters to the Editor

Martha Thorn: Policing women’s clothes

Froma Harrop, in her March 9 column “Dress codes and dignity,” was extremely misguided, and her opinion is dangerous to women. She seemingly gave boys a pass by ridiculing the statement, “If the girls’ fashion choices arouse the boys, it’s the boys’ problem.” Well, yes, it is their problem.

A quick Google image search reveals that most women do not cover their hair. There are undoubtedly men in this country who get aroused by the sight of hair. What if a woman and her beautiful hair are in a meeting with one of those men? Which is responsible for his reaction? What if he acts on his arousal? Did the woman “ask for it”?

The danger of views like Harrop’s is that by placing blame on women for the reactions of men, an easy leap can be made to placing blame on women for actions by men.

Parents, please start a conversation at home. Find the image of Stacie Dunn’s daughter whom Harrop described as “being sent home for wearing a tight, low-cut, T-shirt and jeans straining at the seams.” What is too tight? What is too low? Who should police this? Why and how are we judging women’s clothing choices? We can’t control others’ feelings or reactions. Those attempts should be left to the Islamic State.

Martha Thorn