Letters to the Editor

Stan C. Kimer: More GOP fear-mongering

As a nationally recognized diversity expert residing in Raleigh, I must refute the completely uneducated and incorrect assertion from N.C. Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger about “fathers needing to go into the ladies’ room to make sure their little girls aren’t molested” by transgender women (“GOP lawmakers rip Charlotte ordinance,” March 4 Under the Dome item).

Three very important facts: First, transgender women are women and therefore should be using the women’s room. Second, transgender women are going into the restroom to relieve themselves, not to molest girls. Three, and most important, there has never been a single recorded case of a transgender woman molesting anyone in the ladies’ room.

So on what basis does Berger make his statement? Berger’s outrageous statement is nothing more than a continuation of North Carolina Republicans trying to create fear, division and hatred in our great state by spreading undocumented unsubstantiated lies.

Stan C. Kimer