Letters to the Editor

Simone Speizer: Yes, safety for all

In response to N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore’s statement in the Feb. 26 news article “N.C. House speaker weighs special session on measure,” about convening a special legislative session in order to discuss Charlotte’s “bathroom provision,” that “we cannot put a price tag on the safety of women and children”: I agree that we need to place high value on the safety of women, children and men.

However, equally important is the safety of members of transgender, gender-questioning, transitioning, transsexual and intersex communities, who face prejudice and discrimination as well as hate violence.

According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, transgender people are far more likely to attempt suicide due to the emotional duress placed on them by an unsympathetic society, as well as to experience sexual violence, police violence and homicide.

The emotional and physical well-being of members of these often marginalized communities should be an important priority when considering the “safety” of North Carolina’s residents.

Simone Speizer

Chapel Hill