Letters to the Editor

Jonathan C. Halperen: Pedal pusher’s plight

The writer of the March 17 letter “Hasty bike lanes” wrote that “bicycles on busy streets are inherently dangerous” and that “bicyclists are safer on less busy neighborhood streets.” Maybe so, but bicycles belong on every non-interstate road.

I pedal on Wade Avenue, Capital Boulevard, Six Forks Road and any other street that provides the most direct route to where I am going. Motorists are the problem.

“(W)ithout adequate feedback from the general public?” Cyclists are the general public, and bicycling lanes are certainly an improvement. But these lanes do not make Raleigh “bicycle-friendly.”

A truly bicycle-friendly city is a compact place where residences and employers are close together. Raleigh will be bicycle-friendly when employers and residential developers do not have the inhumanity to locate in the boonies, off the bus-lines and beyond reach of decent, civilized, non-automotive humanity.

As for me, I will seek those jobs that I can pedal to. Maybe I am ahead of the times in this car-crazy loony bin.

Jonathan C. Halperen