Letters to the Editor

Wingate Lassiter: Not enough debate on CSX hub

Regarding the March 16 editorial “People’s voice blocked drills”: The Obama administration announced it will not support offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean in our region after 29 municipalities in Eastern North Carolina, the U.S. military and environmentalists went on record opposing it.

Gov. Pat McCrory immediately issued a statement criticizing the president for slamming the door on drilling before knowing “what resources can be harnessed in an environmentally friendly way.”

A couple of months ago McCrory stated his opposition to the Johnston County site chosen by CSX for an intermodal hub after property owners alongside the railroad objected. The governor’s stand reinforced a statement of opposition from Johnston County commissioners following a closed session of our county’s principal governing board.

What bothers many of us is how that played out in rapid-fire fashion without the public knowing the full story of the proposed hub’s dimensions and its actual impact on the community, pro and con.

In a democracy, everyone’s voice should be heard before our elected leaders make decisions on controversial matters. In the case of offshore drilling, many voices were heard. In the CSX matter, only a few got to make their wishes known.

Wingate Lassiter