Letters to the Editor

Andrea Gomez: Confused Krauthammer

Regarding the March 18 column “Menace in the air”: Charles Krauthammer is engaged in self-debate.

First he listed the “totalitarian” characteristics of the protesting left. Then he persuasively, albeit indirectly, justified its aims.

If in describing the left’s “intimidation and silencing of political opponents,” he is speaking of its ultra-sensitivity to “micro-aggression,” the inability to tolerate arguments outside its world view, I agree with Krauthammer.

But he’s citing a protest, an expression of free speech, about the growing power of a frightening man, a wannabe leader who demonizes a religion to unify his supporters, an egotist whose focus is about his “good brain,” a salesman pitching catch-phrases of violence and simplistic goals with no thought to their logical conclusions, all designed to whip his mobs into frenzied allegiance to himself.

There have been too many Hitler comparisons in our political discussion, serving little purpose and trivializing a monstrous history. Still, it is difficult to ignore many similarities between Trump’s methods and 1930s Germany. If, on the basis of what they were hearing then and without knowing the future hell Nazism would bring, there was an intrepid group of protesters, would Krauthammer call them totalitarian?

Krauthammer is a smart man on the wrong side of history. No wonder he’s confused.

Andrea Gomez